Eating in DC: A Surprising Smithsonian Lunch

The last time we visited Washington DC we were not really wowed by the tourist dining at the Smithsonian. It was mostly heavy cafeteria fare, not very veggie friendly, but it was usually named after a state or city like Wisconsin Mac and Cheese, Kansas City Baked Beans, which made it charming.

We were expecting the same situation at the National Portrait Gallery.


We were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful cafe/dining area.



And some of our most favorite things to eat. We both had grilled cheese (not greasy at all).


I had veggie chips- very unexpected and exciting. My whole meal was Whole Foods in feel which was surprising.



The best part– they had pudding cups!

Vanilla for me.


And chocolate for JY.



With American old timey folk music playing in the background and it was probably our most fun, relaxing, and favorite meal of the trip!


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