meatless monday — veggie burrito

at the last “lets do dinner!!!”  jessie brought be some tomatillos from her garden.  this of course is the main ingredient for salsa verde aka the green salsa.  i contemplated doing something else with them but how can you pass up homemade salsa verde.

jessie’s tomatillos

salsa verde is so easy, chop up tomatillos, garlic, white onion, jalapeno,  throw in some cilantro and sugar and viola….salsa verde.

now what to do with the salsa verde????

deciding what to do with the salsa verde turned out to be the more difficult part of the dinner.  just it alone wouldn’t be enough dinner, enchiladas seemed to heavy so i thought why not veggie burritos topped with the salsa verde.  first i sautéed mushrooms, zucchini, onions and green peppers then cooked them in taco seasoning.  the tortillas were then filled with a little bit of refried beans and a big spoonful of my taco veggies. the  burritos were rolled up and topped with salsa verde, tomato wedges and cheese.  i love how one vegetable inspired a whole impromptu meatless monday meal.  thanks jessie!!!

i do love me some burritos