Eating in DC: Somona and a little bit of London

We joined the before-the-theater crowd and dined at a wine bar that also focused on local foods, Somona.

This is a picture of my Syrah headed toward me. After a crazy bumpy flight into town, I really needed a few glasses to settle my nerves!


We ate here a couple of years ago on our first trip to DC. We ordered the just greens salad then too.


Needless to say neither one of us remembered this until we took our first couple of bites. The salad has lets say a very “earthy” flavor….

John had a Parmesan and mozzerella pizza. Very cheesy good.



And I had the pesto, chard, summer squash pizza. I laughed when it showed up because I had been concerned about getting some greens. Ha!

This was my first pesto experience since the dreaded pesto Lyn and I made…



Yeah, the pizza was good, but I learned I’m still not ready for pesto (dang. When you make the worst meal of your life to really sticks with you!)

After dinner we walked to the Folger Theater to see London’s Globe players perform Hamlet.

The girls who sat next to us at dinner (they ordered a cheese platter and pork) sat near us at the show- tis a small globe after all!




meatless monday — fried egg sandwich

yes i like to top my sandwiches with pickles

you know what makes a fried egg sandwich REALLY good?  tons of mustard.  and yes i might have just been making this sandwich for moi but i believe you shouldn’t skimp on the details, if i had made this sandwich for another i would have topped it with some cut up pickles so why not do that for myself.  my favorite ingredient to add to a fried egg sandwich is pesto but since steph and mine’s pesto disaster i’m still not back on the pesto bandwagon just yet.  the sweet potato chips however when yummy yummy!