meatless monday — summer garden vodka sauce

nothing is better than a big bowl of pasta

as you all probably know steph and i are just a tad obsessed with paul newman’s vodka sauce.  it is not only the best vodka sauce that can be bought in a jar it is EXTREMELY hard to find.  we have been known to buy multiple jars when we stumble across it.  my favorite is when one sister finds it and calls the other sister going “i’m at this store, they’ve got it.  how many jars you want?”  so if there is a jar in the cabinet, of this sacred sauce, it has to feel just right to open it up and use it.

meatless monday last week just seemed to be calling out for mr. newman’s vodka sauce.  dad’s garden has started chugging out vegetables like crazy and those tomatoes, zucchinni, onions all just seeded calling for a pasta dish.  as i sat down and tasted my creation i knew i had been right……….. mmmmmmmmm



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