a havana kind of sunday

i had one big request when i was in knoxville last for a visit, that was to make a trip to asheville.  i love me some asheville, nc and its only an hour and half away with a beautiful drive through the mountains.  kind of a perfect way to spend a sunday or so my friends justin, erin and i thought.  while you really can’t go wrong wherever you eat in asheville, my favorite place is Havana, a cuban restaurant that is worth the drive.  cuban food is one of my top favs and if you aren’t in florida it can be hard to find.

i had a pork cuban bowl that had rice, beans, pork, topped with salsa and plantains.  erin got a plantain sandwich that had guac on it and justin went for a tilapia with a side of plantains.  have you noticed the them of the meal…..plantains!

that is what i call a bowl of food

justin and erin about to dig in

justin’s request for a “serious” photo

i’m on a catfish kick

in the last week i’ve eaten catfish twice.  i don’t know what has gotten into be but i can’t seem to get enough of it.

it started at the Bluegrass Restaurant in Ballard County Kentucky.  i have been eyeing this restaurant for some time on my drive between knoxville and springfield.  this time i actually stopped.  what made the restaurant so intriguing the sign that said they had their own pond raised catfish.

the sign that caught my eye

the bluegrass restaurant is worth the stop

i had to order the catfish at the Bluegrass, ya know the saying “when in rome….”.  it was the best catfish fillet sandwich i have ever had.  cornmeal breaded which made it flaky and crisp but not overly fried.  the catfish was the lightest, flakiest catfish without an overpowered catfish taste,(i feel i’m not conveying this to its worthiness).  while i ate i was entertained by a tv that flashed pictures of all things local that have happened in the last year, parades, proms, 4H competitions.  i’m thinking this is now going to be a regular stop on my tennessee-missouri route.

and the french fries weren’t bad either


i think the bluegrass got me a little addicted to catfish.  when the fam had lunch at cafe roswitha i had to get the catfish special.  her fish was a cajun seasoned catfish with mashed potatoes and a salad.  the plate looked like a ton of food, but shockingly it was light and not heavy which may have allowed some room for coconut cream pie!

mmmmmmm now that is lunch