meatless monday —-my greek bento box

ok i know it’s not a real bento box but each morning when i make it i like to think it is my own version of a bento box.  it might seem ironic that the lunch lady brings her lunch but can you blame me?   i know what we make and where it comes from and the only thing i have deemed eatable is making my own veggie sub.   so each morning i make my greek bento box:  pine nut roasted humus, olives with feta and some multi-grain crackers.  the first day i took it i knew those ladies would say “what is that?!”  and i’m proud to say at least one at the table knew what humus was and had eaten it.  ruth  when she was in the military was at a potluck and a middle eastern guy brought humus.  she made everyone try it to be polite and low and behold she wound up liking it!



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