Sunday Night Dinner: October 2nd- Dinner of the Pie Fiend

After making 7 pies on Saturday (I’m testing out recipes for a pop-up holiday pie store – be on the look-out!)

Making something easy on Sunday night sounded like a really good idea. This also involved a pre-cooking glass of wine. Cooking and drinking don’t usually work out well for me…I tend to get a little reckless.

BUT this dinner was practically going to cook itself.Our friend Emily was coming over, so I opted for the crowd pleaser – lasagna. I’m obsessed with cherry and grape tomatoes lately (if you hadn’t noticed).

So I decided to sprinkle them on top of our traditional cheese and spinach lasagna, along with a few portobello mushrooms.

I was hoping they would oven roast (which just tells me I need to make oven-roasted tomatoes again soon), and they sort of roasted.

I, of course, used my cooking God Paul Newman’s sauce (the Cabernet, one of my favorites). Emily brought a lovely cesare salad (one of John’s favorites)…

…and I bought pretzel bread at the store. I don’t know how to make pretzel bread, so I felt ok buying it. Yeah, that bread was really good. It’s on the bread learning plan.

We were going to see silent film shorts at the Glenwood Movie Theater after dinner, but that didn’t stop us from having some pre-movie dessert. John requested that we sample the Oreo Chocolate Pudding Dirt (or Pumpkin Patch) pie that I made. Do I even have to tell you my honey gets whatever sweets he wants (expect the British Montazuma Chocolates, sorry, but them’s the rules).

Emily with her pie!

The first movie we saw at the silent film screening was The Dream of the Rarebit Fiend. John and I got so excited because, 1) That’s the title of some comics he loves and 2) John had rarebit in England, so it’s something we talk about quite a bit. They, in fact, showed 2 silent films all about rarebit eating.

John's rarebit at Betty's in York

Did the rarebit (which is essentially melted cheese and bread) give John fiendish dreams like the movie we saw? You’ll just have to ask him yourself!


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