Stephanie, Lynley and Jessica Make Homemade Potato Chips (and other activites)

Pre-Potato Chip Making- Front Yard Happy Hour!

Champange with bitters and a sugar cube, (bubbly, sweet and only slightly bitter, just like the Farris girls)

 Potato Chip Making

Slicing the unpeeled potatos paper thin...

Jessica eating raw potato slices!!



Raw potato chips (sweet potato too) soaking in salt water.

Giant sauce pot turned into homemade fry daddy. The chips need to float!

You fry a ladle full at a time. Which takes a while, so that leaves plenty of time to...

...bust a move.

Fry those chips until they are good and brown!

4 rounds of chips later...

Puffy two-sided chips make Stephanie very happy.

Veggie burgers and homemade chips! Huzzah!

John's all yellow plate (do not show the food pryamid this!)

Dinner and movie (who needs a table?)

Post- Potato Chip Making

Our out-of-season coveted French Silk Pie Concretes (kept safe in our deep freeze.)

Once Lynley was out of custard, she was ready to be shipped home to Tenessee!

Stephanie’s Life in Food: Almost everything that I ate in September

Crown room blueberry pancake

Veggie hummas sandwich and vanilla cupcake with SPRINKLES!

Giant glass of wine

John's Space Age Chocolate Twist donut

Steak 'n' Shake grilled cheese with pickle and tomato AND fries

Light night slice of cheese

Lemon cream pie

Pecan pancake with a sad looking egg and lonely biscuit

Chocolate peanut butter pie

I don't remember, but...

Smells like Elvis.

Veggie omelette with biscuit and grits

This is what a regrettable pecan pie looks like...beware.

AMAZING! Lynley's chocolate cherry pie with custard

Who's on the road again? Another Steak 'n' Shake grilled cheese and fries

Cheesy Pirate Booty...yeah, well...

Cheese pizza from Pizza Shoppe

All the snacks I ate in the car...

Sauteed vegetables with rice and salad

Berry-Banana Smoothie

Taco Night! Veggie tacos with mexi rice and corn

Crown room pancake (the best of September)

Lentil loaf with Amy's cheese shells, carrots and pan seared garlic brussel sprouts

Sheridan's French Silk Concrete-- oh my lord!

P&G Tea with dry cereal

Italian vegetable and bean soup with homemade bread

Loose Pizza- over-roasted tomatoes with garlic, fresh mozzarella, and multi-grain pizza dough

Leftover Indian food!

Farris Slush

Veggie dog with baked potatoes, corn on the cob, snap peas and deviled eggs

Malt Cup from the ice cream truck

Pasta with oven roasted tomatoes and fresh mozzarella

Giant happy cup of British tea

2nd giant cup of British tea, still happy

Italian marinated grilled tofu and cheese sandwich

Grilled marinated tofu with chedder, deviled egg and blue/green fruits and veggies

Pizza from pizza bella

Veggie tacos!

Crown room pancake

Sci-fy Drive-in Night: Hilary's veggie burger, homemade french fries and John's chocolate peanut butter shake

Leftover grilled tofu sandwich with baked Cheetos

Egg salad sandwich on homemade bread with sugar snap peas and Crown room chocolate pudding

All that was left of a Cascone's dinner.

Cinnamon roll dippers

Dose Reales huevos rancheros

Homemade pizza with lentil loaf and breadsticks

Toast and tea!

Hillbilly Shepard's pie with biscuits and carrots

Mini pie tasting

Leftover pizza on an Edward plate

Jamie Oliver's Chow Mein Noodles and salad

Cheese grits and a biscuit

Grilled provolone cheese, Italian vegetable soup, apple slice and two fries

Salad with apples and cheese

Veggie tacos strike again!


Autumn Solstice Sweet Potato pasta with garlic and maple sugar pecans

Soup at Carol's

Tart-ling apple, apple butter pie with Julie's ice cream

V's pasta with olives and tomato sauce

Half of a chocolate croissant and tea

Black beans, rice and corn tortilla's


Harvest rice

Corn on the cob

Apple caramel pie

Beer (after digging up sweet potatoes)

Nutritious nuggets, Amy's shells' and white cheese, peas and carrots and milk

Jason's Deli Salad

Free swirl ''tiger tail" cone

Ramon noodles, veggie chik nuggets and honey

Golden Crown Room Pancake

Red bean and roasted califlower soft shell taco with rice

Homemade bread with peanut butter, raisins and strong tea

meatless monday: toasted ravioli

the south is known for its love of deep fried food.  fact…at the salad bar in the grocery store the side opposite salad ingredients is all a variety of fried foods and condiments to go with those foods.  shocking for me when i had a sudden craving for toasted ravioli and couldn’t find any fried pasta around.  i searched every pizza/italian restaurant menu i could find along with checking at the grocery store in the frozen section.  i became suspicious they don’t have toasted ravioli.  to confirm this i asked a born and raised knoxvillian about toasted ravioli, the response……what’s that?

meatless monday then became a challenge of making toasted ravioli.  first issue how to cook the frozen cheese ravs but not boil them so they could cook longer as they fried.  solution i rinsed them off in HOT i mean HOT water till they got thawed and got soft.  then came the basics for breading and frying, eggs and italian bread crumbs.

the assembly line

to tell when a ravioli is cooked, if you are boiling them, it  is when they float.  frying them is much the same thing i noticed, instead of floating they sort of puff out forming little toasted pillows. plus they are all golden brown.

fry away

these sort of cooking adventures can turn out wonderful or be huge messy disasters.  this one was the first. i heated up some paul newman’s tomato and basil for a dipping sauce sprinkled the whole shabang with parm and a little oregano/basil mix and enjoyed a midwestern treat.