Stephanie, Lynley and Jessica Make Homemade Potato Chips (and other activites)

Pre-Potato Chip Making- Front Yard Happy Hour!

Champange with bitters and a sugar cube, (bubbly, sweet and only slightly bitter, just like the Farris girls)

 Potato Chip Making

Slicing the unpeeled potatos paper thin...

Jessica eating raw potato slices!!



Raw potato chips (sweet potato too) soaking in salt water.

Giant sauce pot turned into homemade fry daddy. The chips need to float!

You fry a ladle full at a time. Which takes a while, so that leaves plenty of time to...

...bust a move.

Fry those chips until they are good and brown!

4 rounds of chips later...

Puffy two-sided chips make Stephanie very happy.

Veggie burgers and homemade chips! Huzzah!

John's all yellow plate (do not show the food pryamid this!)

Dinner and movie (who needs a table?)

Post- Potato Chip Making

Our out-of-season coveted French Silk Pie Concretes (kept safe in our deep freeze.)

Once Lynley was out of custard, she was ready to be shipped home to Tenessee!


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