now that’s fall — broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl

wednesday was a seriously fallish day.  overcast, rainy, leaves falling which got me excited for soup season. in celebration of soups becoming a regular part of my cooking routine again and maybe being a little inspired by the kc ren fest, i put on my fall apron and began chopping up ingredients for the soup.

reds, oranges, and browns that's a fall apron

the best part i love about making soups is how they can cook all day.  by the time dinner time rolls around i can barely stand it and have to dig in. i decided to venture and try something i’ve never done at home before, the bread bowl.  i got french boule bread at the grocery store.  having eaten a ton of these over the years at panera i thought “no problem, just cut out the middle, maybe scoop out a little bread, and volá, soup bowl”  this is trickery than it seems.  first i cut the hole to small, which required a lot of scooping out of bread, so sad.  what i finally concluded from the bread bowl (having made a second now with leftovers) is you got to cut that hole about the same size as the loaf.  needless to say it was still yummy and to go with the theme of fall i treated myself to a new belgium seasonal brew the Hoptober ale. oh soups i have missed you so!