springfield style cashew chicken…….LIKE

from lucy's

about four years ago i was wasting time on facebook and decided if i was going to like something by god it was going to be cashew chicken.  i was shocked to discover that low and behold there was no facebook fan page for springfield style cashew chicken.  this had to be created and created a fan page i did.  i uploaded an image of the stuff sent a few requests out to fellow springfield cashew chicken fans and that was the extent of my devotion to the fan page.  now four years 7,722 fans later, and i haven’t done a damn thing on it since,  i have decided maybe i need to be a bit more proactive on my fan site.  facebook will send little updates on it, i’ll just say i was shocked at how much activity was going on the site…..uploading of photos, recipe discussions, the whole shabang.

so be prepared springfield style facebook fans photo albums of take out i get every time i go home, my quest to find springfield style in other cities, pics of the iconic cashew chicken resturants, and of course tired and true recipes.


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