Stephanie’s birthday in 3 Acts: Act 1- Breakfast

I started a new ritual of getting up at dawn on my birthday and having a cup of tea outside. It’s a peaceful and caffeinated way to start my new year and I really love it.

Another little tradition I brought back last year was having breakfast pancakes in bed. This is something my mother always did for me growing up and, of course, the tradition fell off my adult radar.  Cooking early in the morning is one of my greatest joys in life. The house is quiet, my focus is devoted to the flour on my hands, the way the wooden spoon stirs around the bowl, and the sizzle of melting butter…

I love the way morning light looks on my oven and colors the batter. Yes, I do love my pancake moments.

Lyn’s advice about adding another spoonful of baking powder made the pancakes thick and tall, just the way I like them (thanks sis). I also like my pancakes a little pale as well as golden. Mom and dad will remember how I use to beg for them to be a little gooey in the middle– I still like them pale, but not so gooey.

I know it’s totally silly because I made the pancakes, but I get SO excited hearing him come down the hallway. It’s probably the happiest moment of my very happy day. Think about a birthday tradition you use to have as a kid and try it as an adult– you will not regret it– I promise.

John and I ate our pancakes, investigated my birthday horescope, and read the funnies together. What a yummy good way to start my big day.


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