meatless monday: summer eggs

they're just so colorful

i’ve discovered while researching for vegetarian recipes to try for meatless monday that i’m now eating a lot more eggs for dinner.  which is ok with me.  eggs are cheap, excellent source of protein, and i mean i know i’m not the only one who digs their smooth, rich taste.  have you ever noticed that? the next time you cook eggs, don’t over cook them!!!  it takes away that butter rich taste of an egg.  how to tell an egg is over cooked?  is there burnt bits in it or around it? has the white started to turn yellow?  do they have a rubber texture?  that my friends is an over cooked egg.  trust me the egg is the hardest thing to cook.  often the part of the interview process for a chef is cooking eggs.

this recipe i have decided to call summer eggs.  it involves heirloom tomatoes.  i like using heirloom tomatoes they add such a variety of color to a dish.  vegetarians are often encouraged to plan their meals not based around food groups but the color wheel.  if you plate is all one color you aren’t getting a variety of nutrients but if you plate looks like the color wheel your food as different vitamins, minerals, and loads of other good stuff.

essentially all i did was cook the eggs, sunny side up, with the tomatoes in a skillet, once the eggs had become pretty set, i topped the dish with some shredded queso cheese, popped that in the oven and broiled the dish till the egg whites were done.  so easy and so good!  you could probably add lots of other yummy ingredients to this and i’d say that is worth a try as well, but honestly i think what made this dish was its pure simplicity.


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