family fun at walmart

after some beers and margaritas the fam headed to yet again another walmart run in boonville.  to add a bit of excitement to the trip we created a game.  reach as far down into the $5 dvd bin and see what you can find.  what’s that old saying if you can’t make your own fun its just entertainment.  yeah i’d say the farrises have mastered that concept.


sunday night dinner, july 24, 2001—seafood-apricot risotto

on a trip to san francisco last year, my father became a die-hard risotto fan.  it has now become a staple in sunday night dinners at my parents house.  on a recent trip back home dad kicked it up a notch with the risotto creating a seafood-apricot risotto.  the key to making risotto is not letting it burn, constant stirring and surveillance of the pasta’s progress.

dad stirring his risotto

scallops and shrimp were the combination of seafood for this risotto along with onions, peppers and of course some delicious apricots.

risotto yumminess

both my parents cook and both have very different styles especially when it comes to dishing up the food.  mom is much more of a serve yourself/buffet style cook.  dad on the other hand loves to plate his meals.  we often have to supervise this so he doesn’t put too much food on our plates but he is not done with the meal till he has put every last morsel on your plate.

the master chef

along with the risotto there was watermelon, layered pea salad and bread.  mom not being a fan of scallops had dad portion out her’s into my risotto. thanks mom you know how i love them so!

mom digging in

the final product