Steph’s Birthday in 3 Acts: Act 2- Lunch

Our pre-birthday lunch activity was riding bikes on the trail at Corporate Woods. It’s not the Katy Trail, but it’s still a good time!

I can hear you shouting about public affection right now, Lyn.

For lunch I made one of my favorite things: Dad’s sautéed veggies in rice with veggie buffalo wings. Dad doesn’t do the veggie buffalo business, but he taught me how to saute veggies in butter and worcestershire sauce when I was a sophomore in college. It’s one of my favorite summer meals and since I love to cook myself lunch, I had to have it for my birthday,

JY had veggie corn dogs.

We had peach pie with blueberry ice cream for dessert.

AND we had to stick a candle in it even though it was only lunch. This started with John’s birthday this year when we were in England. I was trying to create a birthday/home feel in a foreign country, so I stuck birthday candles in all of John’s meals. When it came time for lunch, John said, “Where’s the candle?” I think we’ve started a new tradition!


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