Sunday Night Dinner: Steph’s Blue Plate Special- order up!


This week we are all cooking the same category of meal for Sunday Night Dinner- The Blue Plate Special.
Our blue plate special was a veggie take on Meatloaf – The Chicago Diner’s Lentil loaf with mashed potatoes, mom’s sweet and sour carrots and corn!
Good friend and honorary Farris family member Jessica joined us!



As a kid I ate mom’s sweet and sour carrots like candy. I loved them and now I know why, there’s a cup of sugar involved with this veg side dish. Uh, yum!
At dinner we talked about vacations to come, life, surprise visits from neighbors, and hearty lentil loaf. For dessert we had strawberry jello and some of us even had whipped cream!



Oh yes, blue plate specials are a good thing. I realize now that we should have sat on our diner booth bench in the kitchen! Dang. We’ll just have to do it again.


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