Foodie Adventure: Blue Food?

In this picture it looks a little more green than blue, but trust me, this pasta was brighter than a robin’s egg. Did I make this? No, but I did try it at a graduation party (blue was one of the school colors- fyi, so it was for a celebratory cause).

It tasted good, so I guess just like peace, we should always give blue food a chance.

You can kind of see a peek of the true color behind my veggie burger to the right of the deviled egg…



Stephanie’s life in food: What I ate almost every day: August 11th to 31st

Tea- birthday morning


Birthday pancakes


Sautéed veggies and rice


Birthday peach pie and blueberry ice cream


Stuffed mushrooms with vodka sauce pasta


Giant british chocolate bar


Dirt pudding with pie crust worms


Crown room pancake


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Zen salad


Peanuts and pretzel at the ball game


Cauliflower curry and homemade naan


Dad's grilled chicken and mom's mac and cheese


Dad's spaghetti with turkey meatballs and salad


Leong's Springfield Style Cashew Chicken


Breakfast for dinner! Matzo eggs and veggie sausage!


Mom's chocolate cake with whipped cream


Veggie buffalo wings, mac and cheese and peas and carrots


Dark chocolate chip cookie dough on the beater (and the spoon and the bowl)


Dark chocolate chip cookies


Leftover mac and cheese with peanut butter and grape jelly


Blueberry ice cream with Jen's tiny peach tart


Crown room pancake


Guiltless mashed potatoes, sweet and sour carrots and mixed grain casserole


Sweet potato pasta with garlic, butter , sprinkle cheese and maple pecans


Toasted french bread with butter and fried eggs


Butterfinger mini custard concrete


Homemade pizza with pineapple and Vodka dipping sauce (for the bread sticks and the crust)


Nutella toast and tea


Speedy Gonzalez: Spinach Enchilada, bean taco and rice


Veggie burger picnic smorgasbord


Oven broiled cheesy tomato and fresh tomato sauce


Dough balls


Beanball sub with rosemary and garlic fries


Pineapple- cashew- quinoa stir fry