Foodie Adventure: Blue Food?

In this picture it looks a little more green than blue, but trust me, this pasta was brighter than a robin’s egg. Did I make this? No, but I did try it at a graduation party (blue was one of the school colors- fyi, so it was for a celebratory cause).

It tasted good, so I guess just like peace, we should always give blue food a chance.

You can kind of see a peek of the true color behind my veggie burger to the right of the deviled egg…



Sunday Night Dinner: July 10, 2011: July 4th BBQ a little late

We ALSO had to eat our BBQ a little late (due to travel last weekend). Ours, of course, was meatless, but I did sit by the grill in the driveway and drink a beer while our tempeh and corn got all smokey and good. Yes, I did forget to take a picture of that– blame the beer.

I made dad’s pasta salad! I decided to use vegetable spirally noodles to add a little bit of color and veggie goodness. I think it looks just as nice as his.

We had smokey tempeh (which I grilled in a cast iron skillet on the little charcoal grill), deviled eggs (I ran out of mustard and used Dijon instead– they were different, but just tasty) and garlic buttered corn on the cob. A last-minute addition was parmesan Jiffy biscuits!

Rosy cheeks from beer and July heat.

We talked about important things that night. What I want to do with my life, how to be more creative, how we should take a honeymoon every year, how we can do a better job saving money. Every once in a while you need to have those kinds of talks and Sunday night dinner just seems right for a heart to heart. It’s quiet and focused, even with Fleetwood Mac in the background

For dessert, I decided to make a peanut butter pie with real whipped cream that I saw on TV (Man VS Food). An Amish recipe that uses chunky peanut butter combined with powdered sugar and vanilla pudding — so it’s really more of a vanilla pudding pie with peanut butter crumbles layered throughout. I had to make up the recipe, but I love vanilla pudding and John loves peanut butter, let’s just say it’s the best of both worlds.

Yeah, I liked it.