More Halloween Feasting

Every year I make “FRANKEN-Mummies.” Veggie hotdogs wrapped in Pillsbury original breadsticks (they wrap so much better than the crescent rolls).

I divide the dogs in thirds for more mummies. And don’t forget the mustard and ketchup eyes!




The rest of the meal: charred bones (spicy oven fries), pirate’s teeth (oven roasted cumin corn), and alien babies (peas).

Spoooooky eats, folks.



sunday night dinner: october 30, 2011— chicken and stuffing, pumpkin beer, and arsenic

halloween is my favorite holiday so i got super excited about making a fall meal.  on sunday the whether was wonderful and fallish and i got to do one my favorite things….cook all day.  i once again busted out my crockpot, which i swear i’m on the verge of writing a love haiku poem too.  this meal is an excellent fall dish.  in the crock you got chicken, cream of mushroom soup, and a box of cornbread stuffing, topped with peas.  its sort of creates a meal that starts off feeling like leftovers, how everything begins all mushed up together.

oh how i love you so

to go along with it i made up some rosemary biscuits.  biscuits are one of the easiest things to bake and you can transform them into such a variety of flavors by  just adding a teaspoon of your favorite herbs.  i like rosemary but oregano, parsley, thyme, and many others work just as well too.

give me them biscuits!

when making a batch of leftovers in a pot you got to have mashed potatoes. do you know the difference between dirty tators and mashed potatoes?  there is a big one and i personal prefer dirty tators.  dirty tators are when you leave the skins on the potatoes, leaving them extra chunky and colorful when they get mashed.  and since it is october i celebrated with an o’fallon pumpkin beer in a frosted mug.

i got so excited for a real fall meal, i ate WAY too much

to make this even more perfect i watched my favorite halloween movie of all time, arsenic and old lace.  cary grant discovers that his 2 elderly aunts have been poisoning old lonely men they lure into their home with a room for rent advertisement, they think they are providing charity by putting them out of their misery.  the family is all batty including a serial killer brother and another brother that thinks he is teddy roosevelt.  minus the killing of elderly men i could see steph and i becoming just like the brewster sisters.