MOVIE FOOD: Temple of Doom

The Temple of Doom Dilemma

Let me start this by saying, I am a strict Ovo-lacto vegetarian. I am also a huge Indiana Jones fan. So when I decided to create meals for the three original Indy films, I had a small problem– Temple of Doom.


There’s a complete dining sequence in this film. I can’t ignore that famous food, it’s what everyone remembers from the movie, but at the same time it’s not vegetarian friendly.

Raiders was easy, just don’t buy bad dates.

Last Crusade, simple, just make german potatoes, veggie sausage with onions, and have a nice English ale for Papa Jones.


Remember that time I served you fake monkey brains?

Here was my solution, my dessert would also be their dessert with a huge exception–Chilled Pudding.

Here’s how I made vegetarian friendly “Monkey Brains” pudding.

First I made chocolate pudding. Straight out of the box for this one my friends.

Eerily, I had these white bowls that worked a little too well for the situation.

I topped the pudding with Chubby Hubby cookie bars from Whole Foods. They have some crunchy pretzel pieces and chewy caramel that I thought would be the, uh, right texture.


Then I squirted a can of whipped cream into a bowl and added several drops of red food dye. And yep– I suddenly had veggie-friendly Temple of Doom food.





sunday night dinner: november 27,2011 — loose pizza

kiss the cook

dinner and movie is the best combination.  a farris family classic is “i love you to death”  the debate with the food pairing is always spaghetti or pizza.  see kevin kline in the movie owns a pizza shop but his wife tries to kill him with spaghetti.  we went for pizza but not normal pizza, loose pizza.

loose pizza is a specialty of steph’s.  it is kind of more like a bruschetta than pizza.  the ingredients of tomatos, garlic, oil and mint are all baked together. the pizza dough is baked separate and then you top it all on your plate.

i won’t lie i might have eaten so much of it i had to unbutton my pants!

yummy in my tummy