meatless monday — “hey lets exchange meals!”

my friend ingrid and i have been friends since we were two, so that would put us at 28 years of friendship now i do believe. we both moved back to our hometown at the same time and she has become a frequent diner at my dinners over the last couple of years. a few months ago ingrid became an official home owner. her new goal to improve her culinary skills. she checked out cookbooks from the library and came up with the idea to exchange meals with me. one week i cook for her the next week she cooks for me. her first attempt a curry dish for meatless monday.

ingrid perfecting her sautee

ingrid perfecting her sautee

the curry dish we dubbed “tomato-vegetable curry” i provided her with a few tricks on cooking rice, something she declared is totally foreign to her. when all was done we bowled it up and i’ll say it was yum due to the fact i went back for seconds. after doing the dishes we played with her kittens she is fostering and then headed off to a downtown springfield tradition of half price wine night at the mudlounge to celebrate the beginning of her culinary journey.

curry the perfect" kitchen sink dish" for veggies

curry the perfect” kitchen sink dish” for veggies


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