My favorite food from last week- My Love is a Heart-shaped Pizza


Every year John and I get a heart-shaped pizza during Valentine’s week. This year we hit a pizza roadblock- our usual place we ordered them from wasn’t offering them anymore.

What to do? I spent all week googling and found a few other options, but they all had a snag- one only had pepperoni and the other did have a convenient location.

So I just decided to make my own. Our Whole Foods has fantastic dough in the freezer and fresh sections. I buy it a lot. So instead of making our usual Friday night circle, I put a few strategic dents in the dough and made a heart.

I’ve found that getting my dough back to room temperature really helps with the shaping. I’ll just crack the lid and let it sit on the counter for an hour or more. JY had all cheese on his half and I had grilled pineapple, green peppers and Italian marinated beans (it’s good!!) on mine.

True love is the good kind of cheesy.


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