From grits to donuts, it’s a work food smorgasbord!

So, I’m part of this new-ish team at work and for one of our first meetings, we were all asked to bring a food that represented us and the “why” story behind it.

I thought, okay, the odds are good that a few people will bring something and then reluctantly tell a story. Boy, was I wrong. Everyone brought something. It was the biggest work feast I’ve seen in a long time AND people took the stories pretty seriously.


Now when I run into people I’m going to always associate them with cinnamon Pop Tarts, or French crepes, or salsa….Ah, food- you are the great connector.

What did I bring? I debated this. Pie is an obvious choice. My life has become about pie, that’s for sure. A pot of British Tea was my go-to if all else failed. I do love my tea. Then the meeting got snowed out and moved to a Thursday, so the fates told me what food represented me best…


I am the pancake and the pancake is me.


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