meatless monday: a giant pot of pasta

i want it all!!!!

i want it all!!!!

having been snowed in for almost an entire month you start looking around for activities to occupy your day, so why not cooking!! on one of my many recent days off i decided to spend the whole day fussing over a pot of sunday sauce. sunday sauce aka that american-italian tradition of starting a pot of spaghetti sauce, tweaking it and simmering it all day. now of course i have a freezer full of spicy tomato sauce! time to start making up some yummy meals with it. this meatless monday i took one of the larger containers cooked it up with tons and tons of noodles combined all that yum together and i have enough spaghetti to last me the whole week. oh i’m in pasta heaven!

"its a nice an spicy just like mama used to make"

“its a nice an spicy just like mama used to make”



My favorite meal of last week!


An open faced sandwich made of hard boiled egg slices, melted cheddar cheese, smears of spicy mustard and mayo, topped with spinach (all on slices of whole wheat bread).

This sandwich was so easy (and filling) it’s probably going to become a standard for when I need a quick meal that’s hardy.

When all you have to do is rinse off some veg, slice a few things and broil– it doesn’t get much easier than that!
(I hard boiled the eggs a few days earlier).

Oh, and there were some leftover malt vinegar potatoes on the side, but they were old news.