meatless monday: ginger-peanut ramen


i’ll admit it i love ramen noodles. in fact i buy them in bulk at sam’s club, when you do the math it comes out 16 cents a package… damn! most the time i cook up what i refer to as “fancy ramen” stir-frying vegetables to toss in. of late i’ve been concocting my own asian inspired sauces and throwing out that packet of flavor that’s jam-packed full of sodium. my favorite sauce so far is peanut sauces. i could eat peanut butter every day. on this meatless monday i made up a ginger-peanut sauce to toss into the ramen noodles. to add a little spice i heated up some morning-star spicy buffalo vegetarian nuggets. its simple its cheap and it satisfies my cravings for the far east.



1/4 cup peanut butter

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp ginger

1/2 tbsp garlic powder

*in a small saucepan cook peanut butter, olive oil and soy sauce over low to medium heat. you are wanting to just slightly melt the peanut butter, cooking on too hot a temp will fry it into a disastrous paste. once the peanut butter as melted and forms a smooth creamy sauce add in the ginger and garlic powder. the sauce goes great over ramen or as a dipping sauce for crispy tofu! if you are wanted to spice it up add in 2 tsp crushed red pepper, for extra spicy 2 tsp of sarachia as well.



meatless monday: baked portobello mushroom ravioli

dairy free cheesie yumminess

dairy free cheesie yumminess

needless to say both steph and i love making and devouring something we refer to as the “nest of pasta” inspired by a dish at Zio’s italian restaurant. plan and simple its a bowl of pasta topped with ravioli yum yum and more yum. this time i added a twist i decided to bake it. my nest of pasta started with a bed of fettucine noodles then i added some pre-made mushroom ravioli i topped it with a jarred vegan red pepper alfredo sauce and some dairy-free smoked provolone cheese baked it in the oven and i was in pasta bliss!

Meatless Monday: Thai Express


There are 2 dishes I love to order when I go for Thai food, pineapple fried rice and drunkin noodles. Today at 2pm I formulated my plan for meatless Monday dinner….starving, craving tofu, and feeling cooked-out from the holidays I wanted yummy food put in front of me. The plan….drunkin noodles with tofu from Thai Express. Thai Express is far down some of the best Thai food in Springfield. It’s reasonable priced, apparently getting delivery soon, and though there is nothing fancy about the decor, the guy behind the counter is the sweetest person ever. My new plan is to try one of their specials next time, become adventurous and maybe I’ll find a new favorite!