Meatless Monday: Thai Express


There are 2 dishes I love to order when I go for Thai food, pineapple fried rice and drunkin noodles. Today at 2pm I formulated my plan for meatless Monday dinner….starving, craving tofu, and feeling cooked-out from the holidays I wanted yummy food put in front of me. The plan….drunkin noodles with tofu from Thai Express. Thai Express is far down some of the best Thai food in Springfield. It’s reasonable priced, apparently getting delivery soon, and though there is nothing fancy about the decor, the guy behind the counter is the sweetest person ever. My new plan is to try one of their specials next time, become adventurous and maybe I’ll find a new favorite!


first meal cooked in new kitchen

why do i have so much kitchen stuff?!?!

i moved yet again, and roughly 90% of the boxes were labeled “kitchen” and one particular labeled “whiskey jugs”.  (just so you know my new year’s resolution is to resign my lease). so once the kitchen was all unpacked and a pic of paul mccartney framed and hung up to supervise the happenings, i busted out a very fine dish indeed.  crispy tofu in a veggie curry sauce with rice.  so yummy it is fast becoming one of my favorites.  welcome home!

Sunday Dinner: December 19, 2011- Tofu Bless Us, Everyone

John and I took a whirlwind trip to Chicago this weekend (up and back in less than 24 hours!) to see one of our favorite British musician’s (and John’s Doppelganger) Morrissey.

Morrissey is a serious vegetarian, so when we got home on Sunday, I made a tofu dish in his honor. It’s a recipe I use to make with shrimp, but garlic marinated tofu really is just as good ( I know you don’t believe me, but it’s true!)

While the garlic infused tofu was thawing out (I freeze mine to get the texture we like), I let it sit in some zesty Italian salad dressing and do a little extra marinating. When it was ready, I squeezed it a bit, then diced it into chunks. I covered the bottom of my cast iron skillet in olive oil and sautéed it with a heavy sprinkle of oregano and fresh ground pepper.

Next I added a cup of cannelloni beans and 3 cloves of chopped garlic. One of my goals for the new year is to get us eating 3 bean dishes a week. Magical fruit jokes commence.

I have to admit I was avoiding making a salad, why I don’t know, but I just was. So I added 2  1/2 handfuls of spinach and a little extra olive oil to the tofu, white beans, garlic mix. Not only does it add the color green to our plate, it jazzed up the tofu quite a bit! Yes, I just said jazzed.

On the side we had cavatelli pasta in a red sauce made by a company called Middleearth. The pasta sauce is incredible AND it’s also hobbit-y (can’t get much better than that).

...there were bread sticks too.

Right now we’re in serious Christmas TV mode. We own a lot of Holiday TV episodes, specials and movies. I’m not going to lie, the pressure is on to get them watched before the 25th. Dinner on the sofa, anyone?

We watched the Muppet’s Christmas Carol. I’m not going to say which one of us cried and which one of dozed off when during the moving Tiny Tim (aka Robin) death scene…I’m just telling you it happened.