Cooking School Confidential: School Supplies

It’s been a bit since I posted anything. I’ve been writing a food novel and testing new recipes (mostly Mexican). This experience made me realize I really need to learn the professional fundamentals…so TA-DA, professional cooking class here I come!

Our community college had an excellent culinary program, so I signed right up. First I had to pass my Serve Safe exam which took a whole semester. It was hard, but I passed and now know how high sneeze guards should be at buffets (and that I will never eat at a buffet again).

Professional Cooking 101 started this week and I plan sharing highlights, cool tips, and challenges during the 17 classes….BUT first, let’s talk school supplies because who doesn’t love them.

My white chefs jacket. My professor insists on a white jacket, black pants, and black, closed toe shoes. He says if he ever sees us in anything but a white jacket, he will mock us publicly.


I can’t decide which shoes to wear yet…steel-toed Doc Martins I already own or get the dishwasher safe Birkenstocks he recommended. I have a week to make a decision.

My textbook, which is a crazy detailed cookbook. It has great photos and was reviewed by chefs like Thomas Keller, so it seems like a good resource.


My thermometer


My chef beanie…because I am just a lowly bean.


My notebook with cherries on top!


And of course, my school bag- appropriately themed.



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