meatless monday — an indian feast

normally when i go to the grocery store i’m a firm believer of sticking to my list, that way i stay on my budget. well the last time i went to the store that theory might have been put aside as i finally decided to purchase some indian food products i’d been eyeing for the last month. purchased… patak’s curry sauce of sweet peppers and coconut milk. the jar suggested adding it to chicken i voted for a giant jar of chickpeas instead, since it is meatless monday.

curry sauce in a jar, yes please

curry sauce in a jar, yes please

also purchased some mango chutney and frozen naan. dinner would be served shortly. (it may sound cheesy but i felt inspired to cook this meal to the darjeeling limited soundtrack)

why purchase anything but garlic naan

why purchase anything but garlic naan


yum yum yummy

yum yum yummy

the verdict. pretty yummy and oh so easy. the only thing i was a tad disappointed with was the mango chutney but i used it throughout the week on sandwiches and with the leftovers mixing it into the curried chickpeas and it kind of grew on me. now i feel like i need to go on an indian food crawl, sampling more grocery store products and buffets in town. it’ll be a lot of curry but i think i can handle it!



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