holy mole pork fajitas

a wonderful christmas present was given to me…….a six pack of mother’s brewery holy mole beer!

holy mole full of grace

holy mole full of grace

i got excited, when i get excited i like to create wonderful things.  thus was born the concept to cook fajita meat using the holy mole brew.   in my slow cooker i cooked a pork tenderloin in the mother’s brew along with some onions and a package of taco seasoning.

i probably could have just eaten the meat off the cutting board but i stuck with my plan.



i used the meat to make up some tacos.  in the tacos was a mix of mexican millet, black beans my holy moly fajita meat all topped with some guacamole.  lets just say it was yummy!



2 thoughts on “holy mole pork fajitas

  1. you’re making me want spicy food tonight– thinkin’ too hot tofu! i wonder if you can actually make a mole sauce with beer? it sounds good to me…so probably means it’s possible. hmmm

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