It’s the end of the world, or maybe not, dinner

So all the “end of the world talk” made Lynley, John and I decide to have a “last meal” dinner on 12/22/12.
This also meant we had to put on our comfy, expanding eating pants, because if you’re eating your last meal then you don’t want uncomfortable clothes getting in the way.



Lyn decided her last supper would consist of lots and lots of shell fish. She’s allergic, so she could yell “to heck with it” and let her skin peel away while the earth ends around her. Needless to say we all believed there would be a tomorrow, so Lyn decided on an alternative last meal with less ramifications.

Chips, dip and Red Stripe beer.


You may not know this but Lynley had goldfish named chip and dip as a child so her passion for her final food was sincere. We did pick-up some “quality” chips just to fancy it up a bit.


John debated on his meal. He loves breadsticks with cheese dip and Lyn’s chips and dip almost pushed him in that direction. Instead he went with cheese manicotti with Cupini’s pasta sauce. I decided to make him breadsticks anyway…when the world may or may not be ending, why not have it all?


I, of course, had Paul Newman’s vodka sauce. Although it was tempting to eat it straight from the jar, which I might have done if the people speculating about the Mayan’s seemed to be right, I cooked it up with the widest pasta noodle I could find. I had to have a big glass of Pinot, fresh mozzarella, and garlic stuffed olives too.

…and a breadstick to wipe up that extra sauce! I made that sort of, but not really, last meal count.

Not only did we dine on some of our favorite foods, we decided to make a dinner and a movie of it.
Here we’re our doomsday choices….

We went with the less apocalyptic choice of Talladega Nights. I’m not sure what this says about us but it says something.


Well the world didn’t end, but our comfy, eating pants were put to good use.




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