meatless monday — loaded baked potato

baked potato yumminess

i never buy potatoes.  this statement always seems somewhat dumbfounding to my german-irish family.  “you don’t eat potatoes?!”  is the usually reply.  yes i eat them i just often don’t think about making them for myself.  yet of late i’ve had potatoes sitting around from various recipes i’ve crafted for dinner parties.  with meatless monday needing to be simple and easy i thought why not a baked potato!  (note….i actually had to call my mom and ask how to cook the baked potato.)

conclusion……oh my god why don’t i make baked potatoes more often?!?!  my potato was coated with olive oil and sea salt and pepper.  once out of the oven i topped it with goat cheese and roasted red peppers.  mmmmmmmm    and it never hurts to have a few vegetarian buffalo wings to go with it.  this weekend i even bought a bag of potatoes just to have around for instant yummy dinners.  here’s to the baked potato!!


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