Day of the Dead Lunch…

…and bike ride.


We had the day off AND it happened to be The Day of the Dead, so we decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for about a year- ride bicycles to lunch (Mexican, of course).



We rode to our other favorite Mexican restaurant, Mi Ranchito. It’s closer than Dos Reales, and we were turning into skeletons ourselves- the closer the better in that case!

In our Day of the Dead duds…



I had huevos rancheros.


And JY had his usual, cheese and enchiladas with no beans, rice only.


We discovered the ride home is downhill, and trust me, that was a very good thing to discover!

Full Belly + Pedals = Nap.


sausage and cabbage

dinner in a bowl

i know its going to sound weird but i’ve been craving cooked cabbage recently.  to appease this craving i decided to cook some stewed garlic cabbage for dinner.  what i really wanted to do was have jerk chicken with a side of beans and rice and make stewed cabbage but at the same time i didn’t want to clean up all those dishes.  and i figured i’m just going to mix it altogether so why not cook it that way.  first i cooked up some red pepper-asiago chicken sausage, then adding a little olive oil added in minced garlic, onion and chopped cabbage.  i cooked that for about 2o minutes before adding in some great northern beans, let that cook while the rice was steaming away and then in a great big bowl combined it all together.  yeah that just hit the spot.