“c’est vendredi, le gin dans le frigo” (aka national french week)

after about  8 years worth of french classes from high school through college, that is the one phrase still embedded into my head.   in college my professor on fridays would come in asking the question “quel jour sommes nous?”  (what day is it?)  we had all been instructed to reply “c’est vendredi, le gin dans le frigo!”  (it’s friday, the gin is in the fridge)  oh how many times i feel like saying that when i see our french teacher wandering the hallways, never more so than last week, when he had the entire building celebrating “national french week.”

bleu, blanche, rouge

the cafeteria of course did our part for french week. the entire cafe was decked out with french and canadian flags and for each day we had signs that translated the menu.

got some french pride?

en francise, si-vous plait

the building was outfitted with signs and information all about french culture and naming the parts of the building.  and we could see the classes playing petanque, aka bocce, or lawn bowling.  i love petanque. have my own set in fact, really kind of want to join petanque club.  the kids also had these passports that they were supposed to get signed after having a conversation in french with someone.  once they figured out i could speak french my line for my register got a little longer.   national french week made me miss the days of french club with nutella and everyone counting down the chapters till you got to the food unit which meant cultural day aka french food and party, where sometimes i would bust out my accordion.  all i wanted to do all french week was show up in the french class and be like lets make crepes!!  maybe i need to join french club again.