sausage and cabbage

dinner in a bowl

i know its going to sound weird but i’ve been craving cooked cabbage recently.  to appease this craving i decided to cook some stewed garlic cabbage for dinner.  what i really wanted to do was have jerk chicken with a side of beans and rice and make stewed cabbage but at the same time i didn’t want to clean up all those dishes.  and i figured i’m just going to mix it altogether so why not cook it that way.  first i cooked up some red pepper-asiago chicken sausage, then adding a little olive oil added in minced garlic, onion and chopped cabbage.  i cooked that for about 2o minutes before adding in some great northern beans, let that cook while the rice was steaming away and then in a great big bowl combined it all together.  yeah that just hit the spot.


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