meatless monday — “let’s do dinner!!!” V

spicy-ness was on the menu for this meatless monday.  the theme of soups continued on for this last monday in october.  on the menu:   curry-noodle soup, goat cheese with roasted peppers and crackers and for dessert orange-olive oil cake.  guests included both the hargiss siblings  (in 2 shifts) ray and elise, as well as my friends jess and erin.

jess, ray and erin ready to slurp up some noodles

the curry-noodle soup was yummy with a sweet spice to it. base of coconut milk and curry paste was a great pairing with the rice noodles, although next time i think i’m adding in tons more veggies.  as we slurped up the noodles erin and i shared tales of being librarians together.

a big pot of curry-noodle soup

as elise showed up we were digging into the goat cheese with red peppers.  topics of discussion at that point were….. the latest happenings at phelps grove park and whether anyone has every done an anthropological study of the park.

can’t go wrong with goat cheese, red peppers and pumpkin seeds

for dessert i was very proud of my cake.  my cakes are usually a complete disaster and i absolutely hate making frosting.  but for this cake i ventured into the realm of bundt cakes, i even had to acquire a new baking dish for it.  since the cake wasn’t lopsided, and half of it didn’t stick to the pan and the glaze actually formed i used the cake as my center piece.  i think i’m converted over to bundt cakes.  the cake led us to our last topic of conversation that night, jess venturing into the world of wedding planning!

orange-olive oil cake….yum


80z goat cheese — at room temperature

1 cup roasted red peppers

2 cloves garlic — pressed

1 TBSP — olive oil

1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

1 tsp cummin

1 tsp cilantro

* in a small skillet heat up oil, and garlic, add in pumpkin seeds and cummin.  cook pumpkin seeds until browned.

*lower heat add in roasted red peppers, heat peppers through, 2-3 minutes.

*top goat cheese with pepper and pumpkin seed mixture, sprinkle with cilantro, serve with bread or crackers.


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