a chili cook-off

how exciting it is to call up a friend to see if they want to hangout and be told they are having a chili cook-off?!  my friend elise and her brother ray over the years have hosted a chili cook-off.  when i showed up to the event ray was showcasing the trophy he had created for this year’s winning chili.

ray showcasing his homemade trohpy

the trophy

there were a total of 5 chilis to sample, including one vegetarian.

the chilis were named and numbered

i having never been to a chili cook-off before did not know how to approach sampling.  i was hungry, thus i loaded up my bowl with chili number 1.  it was very yummy with a combination of chicken and sausage and heavy on the tomato.

chili #1

the second chili would have been the one i declared a winner, great sausage based chili, however its downfall was that some of the beans were still a little crunchy.  i was unable to try any more.  elise’s boyfriend dillon informed me i had gone about the tasting all wrong.  you don’t do full bowls you just grab a spoonful or two and keep going and retasting.  he was an expert at the art of sampling chilis.

chili # 2

and the winner is…………

although i thought i was stuffed to the gills, the sugar cookies sitting right behind me were just way too tempting.  i loved how they looked like a 5 year old made them.  meaning they were going to probably be supper sweet and sugar goodiness.


the night ended with friends and a porch swing.  now that is what i call a chili cook-off success!




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