baking, hip hop, and whiskey

apron ready

my favorite way to spend an evening is to put on some good hip hop, fix me a glass of whiskey and find a yummy recipe to bake up.  lately all i have been wanting to do is to bake up a batch of cookies.  this would be because i have been given my grandma’s cooking jar.  ever since this cookie jar has arrived in my kitchen i have been wanting COOKIES.

this jar says “cookies please!!”

to create the right atmosphere for the night i turned on my cow that supervises the kitchen and i believe when turned on provides good “mojo” to the cooking process.

i have a light up cow, steph a light up ice cream cone. don’t ask just accept it

because i had all the ingredients for it i decided the honorary cookie to first occupy the cookie jar would be “dream cookies.”  you might know them as “no bakes”  but growing up we always called them dream cookies.  mom would make them and then dad and i would stand looking into the fridge waiting for them to set-up.  i of course of changed up my recipe a bit.  my dream cookies over the years have found whiskey in them but the latest additional flavor is chili pepper.  chocolate goes so well with spicy.  when the whiskey is poured and the hip hop is on the baking can begin!

when you drink from a tea-cup no one knows what might be in there


makes 2 dozen

dream cookies

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup coco powder

3 tsp cayenne pepper

1 TBSP butter

2 cups peanut butter

2 cups quick oats-oatmeal

*in a large sauce pan bring to a rapid boil the sugar, coco powder, pepper, and butter, mix well.  add in peanut butter stir till all the peanut butter has melted, remove from heat.  add in oats, mix oats till coated with chocolate and peanut butter mixture.  on wax paper place a spoonful of oat mixture, refrigerate over night.





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