summer tomato breakfast

its homegrown tomato time.  i love using them at about every meal including breakfast.  my latest creation i’m calling “a summer tomato breakfast,”  grilled tomatoes topped with a poached egg, black pepper,  parm cheese, basil and oregano.  yes my friends that is the way to start a summer day.

light and flavorful just like summer


serving 1

1 ripe summer tomato sliced thick (i also suggest heirloom tomatoes)

olive oil


2 cups water

all to your taste:  basil, oregano, parm cheese and black pepper

*heat water in a sauce pan to a simmer, crack egg into the simmering water, lightly splash water over egg to cook through, cook egg as desired aka easy, medium or hard, (i recommend medium)

*while you are poaching the egg, have olive oil heating in a skillet over medium high heat, add tomato slices, grill till both sides are slightly toasted.

*place tomato slices onto a plate, top with poached egg, garnish to taste, black pepper, basil, oregano, and parm cheese