meatless monday: lets do dinner!….II

the second “lets do dinner” meatless monday bash was an all ladies night affair.  the guest list included the gray sisters: emmy and jess, cynthia and cassie.  all us ladies went through middle school and high school together.  so after a brief catch up on what every one is doing now, the topics of conversation included…..creepy middle school teachers we had, favorite foods from the cafeteria, why cassie went vegan, and the crazy happenings at a cat clinic.

the ladies are ready to dine

on the menu:  roasted eggplant and spinach muffalettas, coleslaw, homemade sweet potato-potato chips and for the non-vegans homemade coconut-chocolate chip ice cream (cassie brought her own vegan ice cream)

the food ready to serve

the muffaletta was in one simply phrase “to die for.”  the sweet potato-potato chips on the other hand were at the opposite end of the spectrum with a “oh so sorry i probably shouldn’t have made them the day before i swear as i cooked them they were crispy.”

the chips that were a disaster


the ice cream that redeemed the chips



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