lets dress for dinner!

when did dressing for dinner go out of fashion?  perhaps the family as whole has been watching too many british historical miniseries (aka downtown abbey, you got to freakin watch this show) where ladies of wealth and means change their clothes 8 times a day and always ending in some fabulous beaded gown for dinner and then mean look dashing in a tuxedo.

i don't know about you but wearing a mink at dinner makes everything taste better

dad on new years eve decided to bust out some sunday best for his feast he was creating.  which then triggered mom to put on some sparkle and break-out the good china.  perhaps just perhaps the farrises will bring back “dressing for dinner” in 2012.

lookin his best


mama's bling


and of course the meal: beef tenderloin, mashed potatos, grilled aspargus, trees & raisins