Favorite Meal from Tuesday (1/3): Moonstruck Toad in the Hole!

My family loves the movie Moonstruck. When we were watching it for the hundredth time over the holidays, it finally dawned on us how to make the perfect toad in the hole. Why would this dawn on us you might be asking? Because Loretta’s mother, Rose, is making them for breakfast early in the movie…

You can actually sort of see one on Cher's plate in this picture.

Dad, Lyn, and I realized that the key to the Toad in the Hole is to toast one side of the bread in the pan first, then flip it over, crack the egg in it and let it cook.Usually, we just put the bread in the pan and crack the egg and try to flip it with out the egg running everywhere, which is impossible, but if you don’t flip it then only one side of the bread get’s toasted.

Armed with this new and slightly obvious revelation (AND a jar of fire roasted red peppers) I made Moonstruck Toad in the Holes for dinner.

The buttered side is toasting...

Toasty! Time for the eggs!

I put the peppers in the corner just like Rose did.

Bella, Bella!

That's amore!

Thank you Rose!


an attempt to eat everything in my freezer

i’m moving and that means empty out the fridge of all its contents so there is less to move.  the freezer needed to be completely empty. it was a task at some points, i was on the verge of giving up at times, but now i sit here and all that is in my freezer is a jug of whiskey, that my friends is success!

sweet potato hash


pasta fagioli


spanish rice with veggie buffalo wings


pumpkin ale short ribs


chicken and stuffing


pie crust (in the form of chocolate candy cane mini pies)




chicken noodle soup


pork dumplings