My new baking buddies

Since Halloween I’ve had 2 little baking buddies dropping by on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  A black cat and her identical kitten. Yes, I’ve taken the fateful step of naming them: Kitty Lickins and Cutie Lickins.

My true love, John, is extremely allergic to my new baking buddies so they must stay outside on the deck. This doesn’t keep them from showing up every time I bake something early in the morning…The Lickins family definitely has a sweet tooth!

Sunday Night Dinner: December 12- hmmm, no wonder my tummy just wanted eggs.

So I spent last weekend baking things…

Friday I made fudge topped with candy canes. Not only did it involve 2 jars of Fluff, but also 6 bars of german chocolate.

While the fudge set, I had a piece of Sugar Cookie Pie. This is a  new recipe I’ve created and truly, can’t stop thinking about…or eating it.

Then Saturday  I made mom’s butter cookies. Christmas tastes like two things to me- peppermint ice cream and butter cookies (not together, but separate).

Well, I had to sample those to make sure they were ok…and they were.

While I packaged the cookies up for the neighbors, I was kind of hungry, so I had a piece of sugar cookie pie.

Finally on Sunday I checked on the fudge and DRAT- it didn’t set. A fudge failure. Of course I had to eat a few very soft pieces (4) to see if the fudge really wasn’t quality fudge.

Needless to say, my tummy was a little sugarized by dinner time. John suggested Matzo eggs, toast, and sleepy-time tea– good suggestion honey! Just what the tummy ordered!