the infamous litton’s pie

as part of our pie crawl in knoxville, the one place that kept coming up for a go to place for pie was litton’s.  litton’s is a knoxville institution that has been around since the 1940s, specializing in burgers and baked goods.  steph, john and i timed our pie adventure there poorly because their coconut pie, which has been featured in better homes and gardens, was all sold out for tailgating.

as a second batch of family was here the weekend, we hit up litton’s for lunch and this time they had pie.  dad and i split a slice of the famous coconut pie.  i would give it 3 stars out of 4.  crust was definitely prebought, size of slice was adequate, and unlike the last piece of coconut pie i recently ordered, wasn’t too sweet, nice combination of consistency and taste.  but definitely not mind-blowing pie.

i don’t know why pie is such a frustrating experience in knoxville.  i couldn’t even get a good pic of the piece of pie.  i’m starting to blame the south as a whole.  all they seem to want is banana pudding.  the midwest i’m beginning to conclude is the king of pie making in america.


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