sunday night dinner: oct 2, 2011 — fancy ramen

on my quest to like mushrooms i have come to fancy them in stir fry.  sunday night dinner then was fancy ramen, aka what my friend alaina calls ramen that has lots of veggies in it or as steph did a while back some veggie nuggets as well.  to set the mood i put on my most recent album purchase, “Dance the night Away” a 4, yes 4 album compilation of discos greatest hits that i got for only $0.95.  i was really excited because it had my favorite elton john song, the duet with kiki dede, “don’t go breakin my heart.” the tune was perfect for fancy ramen night.

my stir fry consisted of broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots in a sauce of oil, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, and of course the seasoning packet from the ramen.   and now looking at that least i realize i should have added some sort of nuts to that mix, damn!  is it just me or does stir fry just always look pretty?





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