meatless monday: pasta fagioli with sage-garlic focaccia


louis prima always makes me hungry especially for italian food.  so while creating my meatless monday meal of pasta fagioli, a traditional italian soup, and some homemade focaccia, i think i listened to the song “angelina” possibly 3 times (sorry neighbors).  so much yummy food in the song and who wouldn’t want to be the waitress louis prima is in love with!

making homemade bread can be a very scary process because you don’t really know if it is going to turn out till the very end.  so this year i started out with the idea i was going to work my way through the bread bible.  well that goal hasn’t quiet worked out but i have gotten into the swing of making bread.  i know to start my yeast right away in hot water on the stove while it is heating up with plastic wrap on top of the mixture.

yeast a working

when it comes time to bake i know that you should always use a pizza stone and a pan of water to form and instant bread oven.

bread a baking

whole wheat sage-garlic focaccia

i have had a variety of pasta fagioli over the years.  my favorite is at nonna’s in springfield, she loads it up with a ton of vegetables and beans.  but i must say when making it i try to keep it as original as possible, beans, noodles, and tomato sauce.

always top it with some parm



olive oil

1 onion chopped

16oz tomato sauce

salt and pepper


1/2 bag of pasta

1 can of white beans

1.  saute onion in olive oil and pepper.  add tomato sauce and oregano when onions have gotten tender.  while saute onions cook pasta.

2.  combine pasta (with the water from the pasta) in tomato sauce mixture, simmer for 10 minutes

3.  serve soup topped with parmesan cheese




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