Sunday Night Dinner: August 21, 2011: Oh, egg of my heart…

I’ve really been cutting back on the amount of meat I eat. It’s a personal choice for various reasons. For years (and sometimes still do) fix my veggie husband a different meal than my meaty one, but it’s so much nicer to share the same meal when you eat together. I do partake in a little chicken, turkey, and fish from time to time, but not very often. I very rarely even think about it anymore. When we visited mom and dad last weekend I had wonderful homemade meals of the poultry variety, but it was more meat than I’ve eaten in a month! So our returning home dinner was simple: Matzo Eggs, veggie sausage, broccoli, and a buttery croissant from Whole Foods Bakery.

My belly was so happy. Matzo eggs (which I’ve posted before) are so comforting. There’s something soft and subtle about their taste and texture. If a scrambled egg could give you a hug, this would be it, so it’s a good thing to eat when you’re missing your parents. And yes, the idea of eggs hugging you is weird…I know that. Lyn, I think this goes with all the egg lovin’ you’ve been doing lately…yes, weird again.

For dessert we got to bring some of mom’s chocolate cake home with us. We topped it with cool whip and sprinkles just like her. It’s so light and fluffy, although I’ve never had a second piece, I always think about it.

Thanks for the leftovers, Mom!

Matzo Eggs Recipe: (2 servings)


2 eggs

2 Matzo crackers (salted or unsalted depending on your taste)

2 tablespoons of butter

1 colander

1 bowl

Frying pan



Set your colander in your bowl and crush your Matzo crackers in the colander.

Remove the bowl and rinse your crushed crackers in water until damp and set aside.

On medium-low heat, start to melt your butter in the frying pan.

Meanwhile, mix your damp crackers and the dry bits together in the bowl.

Crack your eggs into the same bowl and give it a good stir with your fork. Your ready when every thing is coated with egg.

Your butter should be nice and foamy/bubbly by now– you don’t want it to brown, so keep and eye on it!

Pour the cracker egg mixture into the frying pan and increase your heat to medium high. Stir constantly with your fork for 4 or 5 minutes. The egg mixture will start to clump and resemble scrambled eggs.

After 4 or 5 minutes you are ready to eat– so get ready for your egg hug.




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