sunday night dinner: july 31, 2001—an earthfare picnic

it takes 10 hours to get from farris headquarters in boonville, mo to knoxville, tn.  when making the drive on my own i kill the time with audio books. the key to this, epic novels that take the entire trip.  i find myself becoming more involved with them then say shorter books.  best yet…peyton place.  scandal scandal scandal, i even caught myself saying aloud at one point “that bitch!”  but this last trip back was not taken over with an epic work of literary quality.  i had the entertainment of my best friend jessica, aka taggart.  who ventured back to knox with me to celebrate our 25th anniversary of being best friends.

25 years of being best friends

we got back just in time to unload the car and have some dinner.  my house was empty of food since i had been gone for 10 days and we were both so exhausted the thought of cooking was too much.  so the master plan was formulated to hit up  earth fare’s salad bar and head to the park for a picnic.

taggart ready to picnic

on the menu for me was veggie nuggets, salad, and veggie pasta salad.  taggart dined on tomato soup, cabbage rolls and bbq tofu.

veggie nuggets with a variety of salads

cabbage rolls, bbq tofu and soup


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