the villa

two words all springfieldians now by heart…..mexican villa.  what is mexican villa its a local mexican chain in springfield.  i grew up a few blocks from the original that opened in 1956.  its not authentic mexican and its not tex-mex.  its like Springfield’s own version of what maybe tex-mex is.  its hard to explain

all i now is that its one of those places that you just got to go when you head back home.  hell even home boy brad pitt is often spotted at mexican villa when he heads back to town.  and when tipper gore was campaigning for al in 2000 where did springfieldians send her but to the villa.

what are they known for?  the burrito enchilada style.  an enormous burrito that is prepared like an enchilada in the villas distinct sauce.  i’ve never been able to finish one and i’m sure if you eat enough of them it would difently kill you.  my favorite story about the burrito enchilada style came from the gray family that i grew up with.  steve was going through medical stuff and was in the hospital, when suzie asked if she could bring him anything he requested a burrito enchilada style.  suzie lovingly patted him saying “honey that is why we are here.”

on my last trip home we headed to the villa.  and when you go to the villa there is only one to visit the original on national ave.

the villa



i still remember the first villa experience i ever had at the age of 4.  it was at this very villa.  the whole family, much like this summer, was in town and we had walked there to get lunch.  mom ordered me tacos.  when i saw white cheese and tomatoes on the tacos i declared that they weren’t tacos, because they didn’t look like taco bells and i refused to eat them.  funny later on this became my favorite thing on the menu.

villa tacos

being my first villa experience isn’t the only reason this villa is special.  this villa is trapped in a time warp from the 50s.  each both has its own working jukebox they sell candy out of an old converted cigarette machine which i am certain if it wasn’t illegal they’d still have the smokes in it.  and of course it is the home of the fiesta room which we dined in that night.

chuck berry to justin timberlake is what's on the juke

fiesta room

i would totally make a dinning room look like this

our meal included enchiladas, tacos, guac, the mexican villa salsa that is so hot it makes your nose run, trish and stan ventured and got the burrito enchilada style and sweet sauce.  what is sweet sauce? its probably just liquid sweetener with some tomato sauce added to it.  simple, great, and i know i’d only be disappointed if i tried to recreate it.

burrito enchilada style

dad with his meal


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