blueberry pancakes with maple-bacon


now that's breakfast


i’m overly critically of anything creative i do, even cooking.  something could always be better, or the next time i know to add this, change that.  i also deeply believe that food always tastes better when someone else makes it, so if i’m the cook it just is lacking a little something.  even when dinner guests tell me what they are eating is the most amazing thing every, i won’t believe them because i’ll know that something in it was canned and not fresh, etc.  but once in a blue moon i’ll even impress myself with a meal i have created.  that is how i felt this morning when looking down at my plate for breakfast.

right before i woke up i had been dreaming about cooking pancakes.  in my dream they were chocolate chip pancakes, which i as burning, while public enemy was playing in the background.  needless to say this left me with the hungry desire for pancakes when i got up.  instead of chocolate chips i went with fresh blueberries to add to my batter. (fyi don’t use pancake mix its so lacking, and homemade mix is incredibly easy, flour, sugar, baking powder, oil, egg, and milk viola pancake mix!)

at work i have gotten accustomed to eating pancakes with a side of sausage, that sweet with salty mixture, carbs with protean.  as my griddle was heating up i was just wishing i had sausage to cook when it dawned on my i have bacon.  i’m not much of a bacon fan but now living in the south one of things i have learned how to do, besides making random chit chat with strangers, is cook bacon.  so i embraced my southern surroundings and added maple-bacon to the menu.  this is what i call breakfast!



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