Sunday Night Dinner: July 17, 2011- Happy National Ice Cream Day from a Busy Kitchen

This Sunday was national ice cream day. So I started the day off right with a little ice cream after lunch.

I spent the afternoon making a Midsummer Corn, Tomato, Fennel soup for our Tuesday night meal. I made the broth myself and added corn cobs to it. The recipe also has potatoes in it, a lot really, so I have no idea why they aren’t in the long title.

John hung up our new kitchen radio. As many of you know, music in the kitchen is key for our meals and cooking, so when the old one bit the dust we were in a sad state. After he drilled for a long time and finally got it up there I promptly asked, “What if I don’t like it there after all?” Yeah, not the response he was looking for. Good job hanging that puppy up, honey.

For dinner we had one of my favorite summer meals: mint and garlic tiny tomatoes (baked with olive oil in the oven), bread, and fresh mozzarella cheese. Salads too, of course. You can tell which salad is mine– NO CELERY. The things I do for love.

Here are the tomatoes– before baking. We used herbs from our garden and there are a few of own Juliet tomatoes thrown in there.

After baking…

I bought store bread because I am still studying Julia Child’s baguette recipe, so I felt a little like a failure there, but still it was all very tasty.

We talked about the tour de france and even did a conversation starter: “What new thing do you really like doing?” John said pizza/dvd night on Fridays (he likes seeing me excited to make our homemade pizza) and I said eating a more vegetarian diet, meditating, and working out at work. The tomatoes agreed.

For dessert we had mixed berry cobbler and, you guessed it, homemade ice cream!

What else are you going to have on national ice cream day? Well, I guess a lot of things….


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